What I Want From an Employer

wantWe often hear what employers want from employees, but what about what employees want from employers?  After 15 years of full-time work, I know what I want, and I’m ready to ask for it. After all, a good match benefits both parties, and mom always said that asking never hurts.

First a little about me.

My professional experience is varied.  I helped MTV Networks build their satellite radio station from the ground up; I honed my editorial skills writing for FOXNews.com; I currently manage digital media for AAA; I run a successful career advice blog and freelance blogging business.

There have been elements of each job that I’ve enjoyed, and of course, things that I haven’t been a huge fan of.

If the ideal job is out there for me, it’s on Long Island or in Queens (lifestyle choice) and looks something like this… [Read more…]