7 Ways I Get Motivated

get_motivatedWhether you’re looking for a new job, trying to make your current one better, or planning a career transition, you’ll need to get motivated. Without discipline and will, your dreams and ambitions never come to life, turning even the best intentions into dust.

Here are seven ways to get motivated; pick and choose the ones that work best for you:

Find the why. When we set out to do something, it’s important to keep the why in the front of your mind. Are you looking for a new job because you dislike your boss? Need more money? Want a shorter commute? Getting where we want to go can be a long journey, so never forget what set you out on the road to begin with. Write down why you’re motivated and refer to it often.

Look forward. Pretend you have accomplished your goal. For example, if your goal is to learn a new language to impress a girl, you need to consider if the task is worth taking on—what if she rejects you? View things from multiple perspectives and ensure you are taking worthwhile roads. Once you commit, put the negative scenario out of your mind and concentrate on how good it will feel when you succeed. Visualizing the success story is a surefire way to get motivated.

Just do it. There’s a reason the Nike slogan has endured for more than two decades. In the Data Age, we have so much information available to us at all times that it’s easy to get lost in number-crunching oblivion. But there’s nothing like rolling up your sleeves and getting started. Think about it: A perfect resume is useless if you don’t send out. You’d be better served sending out 10 resumes that are almost perfect than none at all. Rarely are actions an absolute waste of time. Get motivated!

Reward yourself. If your goal is to get a new job, you will need to take action to make a change. Set goals and share them with someone you trust so that you can be held accountable. For example, promise that you’ll send out two resumes a week to relevant jobs. If you succeed, reward yourself with a predetermined item. Likewise, if you fail, be sure to carry out a predetermined punishment. Even if a project doesn’t feel as if it’s worth your time, make it your business to make it worth your time. Otherwise, getting started can feel impossible.

Think of someone you hate. We all know jealousy and hatred are ugly emotions, but unless you’re a Buddhist monastic, they’re also a reality. Why not turn something dark into a tremendous motivator? Image the person you dislike taking action while you rest on your laurels? Wouldn’t you rather be showered with happiness and rewards? Push yourself to get started— get motivated — today!

Give yourself choicesNegative self-talk is often a high hurdle we must clear to get ourselves pumped up to do something we dread. Remember: You don’t have to, you want to. This simple thought-swap can make any task more palatable.

Break it up. What sounds easier? Writing 1,000 words in two hours or writing 125 words in 15 minutes? Breaking your task into smaller parts will help you get started.

Finding the will to get motivated isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. How do you get motivated?

STOP! Read This Before You Take a Blog Course

blogI’m on quite a few mailing lists for continuing education programs at various colleges in the New York area. It’s no surprise that the number of digital media course offerings has grown exponentially in recent times. What IS surprising is how unimpressive the resumes of the instructors are.

I’m not sure how enrollment for these classes looks, but based on the sheer volume of offerings, I’m going to venture to guess that they do quite well. With that being said, I wanted to offer some tips for any readers who are considering taking a blog course.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is vet the instructor. Since you’re talking about digital media, their work experience should only be a few clicks away. Take to the Internet and do your own research on how popular their blogs are and how they maintain their social media profiles.

I’ve come across quite a few blogging instructors who do not have a proven track record in the blogosphere, or worse yet, teachers who have no blog at all.  If they have set up a blog as a prerequisite to teach the class, it will be obvious.  Do your homework. [Read more…]

What I Want From an Employer

wantWe often hear what employers want from employees, but what about what employees want from employers?  After 15 years of full-time work, I know what I want, and I’m ready to ask for it. After all, a good match benefits both parties, and mom always said that asking never hurts.

First a little about me.

My professional experience is varied.  I helped MTV Networks build their satellite radio station from the ground up; I honed my editorial skills writing for FOXNews.com; I currently manage digital media for AAA; I run a successful career advice blog and freelance blogging business.

There have been elements of each job that I’ve enjoyed, and of course, things that I haven’t been a huge fan of.

If the ideal job is out there for me, it’s on Long Island or in Queens (lifestyle choice) and looks something like this… [Read more…]