6 Reasons I Am Thankful for Blogging

thankfulI won’t lie: I am thankful for my life almost every hour of every day. But that doesn’t make Thanksgiving any less special. In fact, I like to use the holiday to think about the “random” things that I am grateful for, aside from the obvious: health and family.

There’s the sound of the railroad horn in the distance. The laughter of a girl. Cherry Garcia FroYo. And there is blogging.

Call it a hobby. Call it a career. Call it a passion.  Here are some of the reasons why I am thankful for freelance blogging.

– Blogging Reignited My Passion to Write. Early this century my journalism degree was gathering dust. Caught up in a world where I was trying to establish a “career” for myself, I found little reason to write. But blogging opened up a door to a world of writing…without an editor. Freedom! My grammar might not be perfect, and spelling errors, well, yeah, they happen. But removing the hurdle of having someone change what I want to say…a huge score!

– Blogging Builds Relationships. They may not be part of my inner circle, but I have formed some valuable and fulfilling relationships thanks to blogging. I hear from people all around the world.  Some are insightful, others are opinionated, but all are engaged. This feeling of connectedness is important to me in a somewhat disconnected world.  [Read more…]

Finding the Time to Blog

busyOne of the most frequent questions I’m asked is when I find the time to blog.  As a full-time employee, the owner of several popular blogs, and a contributor to a bunch of others, I wouldn’t be mad if you jumped to the conclusion that I have no life.

Except that’s not true. At least, that’s what I tell myself.  😉

As the father of a newborn, I realize more than ever how important it is to squeeze precious seconds out of every minute that I get.  Here are a few places you might find me honing my blogging skills.

Before you lecture me on distracted driving, read on! Every time I am idle in the car, I use the opportunity to focus on my breath, inhaling deeply and exhaling smoothly. My Zen hero Thich Nhat Hanh taught me that the best way to clear my mind, focus on the present, and relax myself to be receptive to creative ideas, is to simply breathe. A traffic stop is the perfect place to do this. In fact, some of my best blog ideas have come using this technique.

When you go to see a doctor or dentist, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting. Rather than reading a three-month old sports magazine you could care less about, take out your smartphone or pad and start on your next blog post. [Read more…]