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Blogger Freelance is my online writing boutique that specializes in developing and positioning online content to boost site ranking/popularity and visitor retention through blogging.

If you are looking for an experienced freelance blogger with a proven track record of writing compelling content that is loved by people and adored by search engines — you found him!  I can manage all of your blogging needs. From content creation to comment management, Blogger Freelance does it all – even getting your content and links published on other blogs.

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A few writing samples:
U.S. News & World Report

Founder and Editor is a popular career advice blog that I launched in 2005.  Created to offset the generic career advice offered by the big job boards, Jobacle strives to offer unique and interesting content that often goes against conventional wisdom.  Unlike most career blogs, Jobacle does not sell job listings.   The goal is to offer career advice that puts the employee first.

Jobacle has been featured in/on The Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Globe & Mail, Nielsen, Reuters, NBC,  Forbes, Gawker, SIRIUS Radio, BBC Radio 4, Yahoo! and dozens of other major blogs.

Andrew G. Rosen in the News:

– Fast Company: How To Quit Your Job Gracefully

– Forbes: 8 Tips For Dealing With A Know-It-All Coworker

– The Wall Street Journal: Turning to Headphones to Tune Out the Noise

– Glassdoor: Why Working From Home Is Not For You

– AARP: How to Avoid Résumé Writing Scams

– Public Radio Interview: Is it time to quit your job?  I field listener questions.

– Modern Man: How to Quit Your Job Like a Man

– NBC News: When Resigning, Don’t Follow Conan’s Example

– AOL Jobs: Interview Handshake Horror Stories

– Talent Zoo: Interview Like Charlie Sheen

– Business Insider: How to Be Productive When Working From Home

– Job Stability? 5 Types of Employees That Companies Don’t Want Anymore

– We Are Dino: What Not to do During Your Elevator Pitch

– Almost 2,000 comments on my Yahoo! article

Project Manager

As the Manager of Digital Media for AAA New York, a not-for-profit member service organization servicing 1.6 million members throughout the state, I had the good fortune to be selected as the project manager for a complete Website overhaul.

With over 25M page views a year and a 10-year-old website, we were long overdue for a major redesign.

Project Highlights:

– Responsible for the planning, execution, and launch of a brand new

– Successfully achieved all goals, coming in under budget.

– Worked successfully with dozens of employees and outside vendors.

– Managed six-figure budget

– Selected new Content Management System

– Present concepts and progress to organization’s upper-management and president

Check out a before and after image. I am proud that we were able to reduce clutter while still promoting our core business initiatives.