Blog Tips for 2015

blog tips 2015With the 2014 blog editorial calendar on its way to the recycling bin, the time has arrived for you to focus your content marketing program with these blog tips for 2015. Take a few days off for the holidays, before implementing some blog tips for 2015 that increase your small business online visibility.

Supplemental Multimedia and Transcripts

It is no longer enough to write compelling blog posts to achieve the best SEO practices. As with images, supplemental multimedia such as audio files requires you to create text transcripts to attract search engine attention. Supplemental descriptions of video content, albeit not word for word, also should comprise your 2015 blog post SEO strategy. Moreover, the same relevance placed on Meta tags and title descriptions apply to supplemental multimedia

Length and Quality Matter

The recent Panda and Penguin updates demonstrate that now more than ever, Google rewards bloggers that create original quality content. One of the parameters that have changed for Google’s search engine algorithm involves the length of blog posts. Google has typically rewarded shorter blog posts that got to the point. However, you now need to write longer posts that present multiple points

Put the Welcome Mat Out

Anyone who creates a blog understands that at times, coming up with content is more painful than a root canal. Sometimes, the well upstairs runs dry and you need an alternative source for content. Recruiting guest bloggers should be at the top of your blog tips for 2015 list. Not only do you present a fresh perspective for your website visitors, you also develop a relationship that may lead to you guest blogging on other blogs. Guest blogging helps you increase exposure for your small business.

Revisit Old Topics

By old, we refer to topics that you touched on more than six months ago. By revisit, we mean writing a post on the same topic, but with a different approach. For example, you can discuss the importance of SEO, but this time, discuss why it’s important for video marketing. Some topics require you to revisit more frequently, as technology advances and changes in SEO require you to update old content.

Recruit a Pro

Let’s face it. Not every small business owner has the skills to write blog posts. Writing requires both technical and descriptive expertise. If you don’t possess the skills or even have the time to write posts, recruit a member from your team to present content that promotes your small business. You can also consider hiring a professional freelance blogger who writes for a living. The key is to get your content marketing program right, regardless of who produces the content.

Blog Tips for 2015 include a few time-tested writing pointers that should never fade from importance. You need to write timeless content that has a clear point. Short sentences that pack information have much more effect on readers than long sentences replete with fluff. Make sure the information that you present has relevance to your small business website and provides answers to difficult customer questions and problems. Google rewards content that informs.